Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Radio. Why?

1953 Tesla radio set showed in the previous post is not only stylish but symbolic. A guy named Mark Toma worked for a State-owned radio channel. Steady job. Decent salary. A decade and a half of professional experience. Late-night program, all of his own. Scores of devoted listeners. A rare opportunity to break through breaking-news routine, to speak about things that never happened. Things that tear his memory apart.

Then came a lovely September day that changed everything. A charming student trainee from a provincial University stepped into Mark's office. There was a challenge in her eyes and in her smile. A challenge that at once set his heart on fire. But after only two-months-and-something the lady disappeared without a trace, as though she had never been there.
Popular broadcaster lost his love and almost immediately lost his job. A pure coincidence? Any reason? And who was the girl - an angel or a spy? And why Mark's world is so different from ours?
Let's try to find out.

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