Saturday, March 9, 2013

Funny Money

A 1000 Mark Reichsbank note was worth a fortune before the Great War but its value gradually diminished during the Great Inflation. Would you give a damn for a thousand when a loaf of bread costs you 250 billion? But a lot of gullible Germans kept their bills, marked with a red stamp (see below).
A little bird told them that the government, planning a long-awaited currency reform, will be so kind to change "red thousands" to new Marks by their nominal value, i.e. 1:1. Like many optimistic rumours, this one was total bullshit.

Деньги не имели никакой ценности для тех, кто выбрасывал их на улицу. У нас прямо под ногами валялись тысячемарковые билеты кайзеровского рейхсбанка. Мы находили пачки этих билетов в разбомбленных домах. Обычно – с красной печатью, хотя были еще черная и зеленая. Во время большой инфляции, когда такая банкнота не стоила ничего, кто-то пустил слух, будто «красные» поменяют на новые марки по номиналу, один к одному.

Friday, March 8, 2013

1930: Real Rover

Rover Light Six made history by becoming the first car to beat the Blue Train on it's 750 mile journey From Paris to Nice, in January 1930
Rover Light Six Sportsman's Saloon, two-door Weymann body

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eiffel Tower Demotivational

In OTL*, the picture was taken on June 23, 1940

* OTL = Our Timeline = real history

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1930: Real Hanussen

Historians digging into the archives to reconstruct the chronicle of the Twentieth Century will have to deal with this strange phenomenon of Erik Jan Hanussen <...> It will be their task to unravel a complex maze of reality and legend, myth and romance, to reach the core of the true personality of Steinschneider, alias Hanussen.
Pierre van Paassen, 1942
Erik Jan Hanussen made a name for himself as Europe’s most audacious and controversial soothsayer. Billing himself as “The Man Who Knows All,” he performed in cabarets and music halls, attracting the attention of everyone from Sigmund Freud and Thomas Mann to Marlene Dietrich and Peter Lorre...

Klaus Maria Brandauer as Hanussen (1988, director: István Szabó):

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prologue: Lago di Garda, 1939

In the Strangers' World, Mark spent a good part of summer vacation with his father on the shores of Italy's largest lake. Later, he's been haunted by false memories of canceled reservation and alarming radio braodcasts. The world was on the edge of something terrible...
It's not easy to remember something that never happened. Especially if the real summer of 1939 was so full of fun.
На самом деле занятия в сентябре 39-го никто не отменял. И на Лаго ди Гарда мы в то лето поехали, было очень здорово. Соседний домик снимала семья с собакой – большим черным спаниелем, у которого на груди и на боках блестели серебристые, будто седые, пятна. Как звали его хозяев, не помню. Зато помню его самого. Егор. Такая смешная кличка.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

1930: Real Amy Johnson

In 1930 the world took notice of a different type of flyer. Amy Johnson was a newcomer to the world of long distance flying, but in May of that year she took the aviation world by surprise when she flew her single engine Gipsy Moth biplane, named Jason; from London to Darwin, Australia. (Read more)

Amy's role in hour new book is still undecided. Probably she will make a guest appearance in one of the 'British' chapters. Probably not. In any case she can't avoid being mentioned.

Photo: Aeroflight