Sunday, February 17, 2013

Princess Elizabeth at War

While visiting an optometrist at the Special Research Bureau, Mark Toma looks at the portrait of Elizabeth II (then Princess Elizabeth) in the ATS uniform. Her Royal Highness was photographed changing a Land Rover wheel. OK, Princess Elizabeth said goodbye to the ATS before the advent of the Land Rover (1948 in OTL) but in the Strangers' World, she served during the Asian War, i.e. in the late 1940s.

Here are some real photographs of the future Queen during her service as a 2nd Subaltern, Auxiliary Territorial Service:
And - a link to a British Pathe newsreel showing Princess Elizabeth receiving a clock from the ATS personnel.
Я оказался в кабинете окулиста – самом обыкновенном кабинете с таблицами на стенах. Без портрета королевы и тут не обошлось, правда этот портрет выглядел весьма необычно: совсем юная Елизавета Вторая в кепи и замасленном комбинезоне меняет колесо у "Лендровера".

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