Saturday, February 2, 2013

Real 1972: This Day in History

February 2, 1972:
OTL*: Anti-British riots take place throughout Ireland. The British Embassy in Dublin is burned to the ground, as are several British-owned businesses.
Strangers' World: Anti-British sentiment is still strong in Ireland but the government of Eire, feeling a total lack of international support, does everything possible to suppress any kind of public protest, least to say an attack on the embassy. Probability: low.
OTL: The last draft lottery is held, a watershed event in the wind-down of military conscription in the United States during the Vietnam era. These draft candidates are never called to duty.
Strangers' World: The United States have nothing to search in Vietnam and other parts of French Indochina, controlled by Japan since late 1940s. Probably the U.S. Army (and/or Marines) is involved in some mess in Central America, trying to handle it with a relatively small expeditionary force. No conscription required. Probability: zero.
* OTL = Our Timeline = Real History

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  1. Do you mean that in Stranger's world there was no conscription at all and in 1972 US had professional army? If so, it seems almost impossible. In our world Vietnam war was one of the main reasons to stop the conscription, which was the routine practice in the most countries. Also Japanese dominance in Asian Pacific in Stranger's world led directly to opposition between US and Japan that meant (in views of that time) big army. And for big army you need the conscription.

  2. We mean that in the Strangers' World there was no Vietnam War. The United States, led by Isolationists in 1940s and 1950s, achieved some kind of "mutual understanding" with Japan and stood out of Asian and Hindustan wars. By 1972, a possible field for US military operation has been narrowed to Central and South Americas.