Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Real Vienna: Two Stations

The Nordbahnhof (Imperial and Royal Northern railway station) was built during the construction of the Northern railway. It was opened on 6 January 1838. The new station building was inaugurated on 15 November 1865. In the days of Austria-Hungary, the Nordbahnhof was one of the most significant stations in Europe and Vienna's primary railway stations, connecting Vienna with Brno, Prague and Warsaw. For many immigrants, it was the door to Vienna.
During World War II, the station was severely damaged by bombs and subsequently fell into disuse; it was finally demolished in 1965. The new building was constructed directly at Praterstern for logistical reasons and was opened on 1 June 1959 as Bahnhof Praterstern. On 1 September 1975, it was renamed Wien Nord.
Nordbahnhof, 1908

 Bahnhof Praterstern, c. 1972
In the Strangers' World, the old Nordbahnhof remains in its old place. But there some visions of another world where it is replaced by a nondescript barn-like structure.
И почему в Вене исчез нарядный вокзал напротив входа в Пратер, уступив место какому-то невзрачному сараю?

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