Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Strangers' Journey Cover by Stefan

Our old project is alive and kicking. The manuscript is 90 per cent ready for the Smashwords Meatgrinder (sounds scary but seems the best option available). Stefan was inventive as ever and generous enough to produce not one cover but two!
Some of the future entries will be in Russian. Don't be surprised, the book's in Russian, too (as you may see in this great picture above). Back in 2009, we seriously considered an English version. For various reason this plan has been mothballed but never canceled.
Stay tuned! До скорой встречи.


  1. I have look the two covers, and of course Stefan did an amazing work (as always he does) I read the sinopsis too, sounds a great story for me.

    Hope someday can see not only in Russian, English or French, I would love if in any time this will be translated to spanish too.

    Best luck for this project.

  2. Great cover, but one expects that from Stefan. I'd love to get my hands on an English version!