Friday, November 30, 2012

Rudi's Car

The "everyday" mount of Lieut. Rudi Kovács (investigator for the Southern District, Gen. Staff 4th Dept.) was a modest Škoda delivery van.
Most probably the '1202' model manufactured from 1961 to 1973 at the Vrchlabí plant.
There were many variants such as the station wagon (a.k.a. Estate, Kombi and Combi, depending on the market), panel van, hearse, ambulance car or pick-up. Total production: 60,141 vehicles.
Unfortunately, it's hard to find a decent picture of the panel van. You can enjoy a gorgeous rear view of the three 1202 variants: a van, a pickup, and a station wagon.

Автомобиль Ковача стоял на почтительном удалении от подъезда – серый фургон "Шкода", новый, но неприметный. На таких машинах обычно разъезжают техники по ремонту телеприемников. Я снял куртку – в кабине наверняка будет жарче, чем на улице. Так и оказалось.
Images: skoda-auto (1, 2), manson (3) 

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