Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Lost Camera

On April 13, 1972, Mark buys an Icarex as a replacement for the camera he left several months before in some murky club. What camera? We believe it was the Leica IIIf, a little wonder of precision and reliability.

Introduced in 1950, it was essentially a IIIC with the addition of flash synchronization. Underneath the shutter speed is a ring for flash delay setting for flash bulbs. Earlier cameras are referred to as "Black Dial" or simply "BD" cameras, later ones are " Red Dial" or "RD" cameras.

Another feature was added in 1954, the self timer. It can be readily identified by the large self timer arm on the front wind side of the camera. These are referred to as IIIF RD ST cameras, or occasionally as IIIF D/A cameras.

It should be noted that any IIIF camera could be sent to the factory and upgraded with a self timer.

Other variations include Canadian examples produces in Midland, Ontario (shown above), and black finish cameras for the military (below).

Проще всего было восстановить утраченное, то есть выбрать точно такую же камеру, какой я пользовался предыдущие пятнадцать лет. Но их уже давно не выпускали, a покупать подержанную я не хотел ...
Images: Cameratique (2, 3), Photo Arsenal (4), Obscure Camera (5)
Info: Pacific Rim Camera

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