Thursday, June 13, 2013

1930: New London

An advert showing steel work for 55 Broadway, London, HQ of London Transport

Rubery, Owen's are still a well-known name in the old Black Country - and are still in business albeit it in a very different form. The old works at Darlaston disappeared in the late 20th century as they left the structural and steelworks business that they'd been long associated with. This picture shows a fascinating building under construction - 55 Broadway in London, designed by Charles Holden as the headquarters of the then London Underground Group - it was to become London Transport in 1933 - and London Underground are stil based in this wonderful building. Winner of the 1930 RIBA medal the building, with its superb attention to detail, was for many years the tallest structure in London.

Photo and text: mikeyashworth, on Flickr

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