Monday, April 15, 2013

1930: Introducing the Reichsbanner

The Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold (English: "Black, Red, Gold Banner of the Reich") was an organization in Germany during the Weimar Republic, formed by members of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the German Centre Party, and the (liberal) German Democratic Party in 1924.

Its goal was to defend parliamentary democracy against internal subversion and extremism from the left and right, to teach the population to respect the new Republic, to honor its flag and the constitution. Its name is derived from the Flag of Germany adopted in 1919, the colors of which were associated with liberal parliamentary democracy and the republic.

While the Reichsbanner was set up as a multiparty organization, it came to be strongly associated with the Social Democratic Party and viewed as their paramilitary force. The headquarters of the Reichsbanner was located in Magdeburg, but it had branches elsewhere.

Reichsbanner parade in Berlin, August 11, 1929 (Bundesarchiv)
Friedrich Otto Hörsing, Reichsbanner Federal Leader,
speaking at the Constitution festival in Berlin.
August 11, 1929 (Bundesarchiv)
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