Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Il Pilota: Italo Balbo

On October 31, 1926, Benito Mussolini was shot during a parade in Bologna. The assassin, a 15-year old Anarchist, was lynched on the spot. Mussolini died in a hospital on the same day. On November 1, Italo Balbo, the youngest of four quadriumvirs, just recently appointed Secretary of state for Air, assumed the position of Air Minister. He played a key role in the so-called rotary government, competing for unfluence with Michele Bianchi and other prominent party members. By 1929, Balbo was strong enough to get the grip on the government and the party, and in 1930 his power was unshakable. Being an aviation enthusiast, he personally led the transatlantic flight from Italy to Brazil. He was only 34 years old...
In OTL*, the assassin missed (and was lynched). Balbo received his Secretary of state for Air position only on November 6, 1926.

For another (and very elaborate) "alternative Balbo" timeline, look here

* OTL = Our Timeline = Real History

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